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KSP Moeldoko Pushes Satpol PP To Work With ‘Compassion and Empathy

JAKARTA - Chief of Staff Moeldoko has stressed the importance of compassion and empathy in addressing public issues to the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) personnel working in the field through a virtual meeting on Thursday (22/7).

“Satpol PP plays a big role in enforcing health protocols. They should also stand at the forefront, supported by the Indonesian Army (TNI) and the Police from behind,” Moeldoko added.

With the former army general laying his hope to Satpol PP for public health protocols enforcement, he conveyed a strong message to the unit, “Put yourself on the line, because you are now having the role of the main actor,”.

However, Moeldoko went on to say that one couldn’t deny the spreadsheet of facts about brutality and violence performed by Satpol PP against civilians.

“It is the job of the leader to set a good example, to lead with empathy and compassion to others. Unnecessary violence is never justifiable," he told Satpol PP personnel attending the virtual meeting.

According to Moeldoko, who was known as a former 0501 Central Jakarta Military District Commander, leaders who work with compassion are the ones who gain respect in the eyes of the soldiers.

"You show up with a smile and a good attitude, people will surely follow you and show loyalty to your leadership.,” Moeldoko said.

“You are all great, your endless dedication is truly amazing. Thus, I give you all my respect,".

The Acting Director General of Regional Administration Control of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr. H. Suhajar Diantoro said that budget allocation remains a hurdle for the government to provide proper training programs for Satpol PP personnel in relation to violation against human rights.

“The task is getting tougher as we have to battle the perennial Covid-19 pandemic. It might be worsened with exhaustion and boredom which may lead people to do things against rules and regulations,” Suhajar said.

“Nevertheless, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a regulation which provides an authority to Satpol PP in controlling the situation on the field during the emergency public activity restrictions (PPKM Darurat),”.
While adherence to the regulation is a must, enforcement must be firm, yet sympathetic and humanistic.

Satpol PP personnel also received some training on communication strategies and health literacy from experts, as they are expected to be the front liners in the fight against the COVID-19 vast transmission.

Indonesia is currently struggling in a fight against the delta variant of COVID-19 virus which was first found in India earlier this year.

Studies to date suggest the Delta variant is between 40 and 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant first identified in the United Kingdom - which was already 50 percent more transmissible than the original viral strain first detected in Wuhan, China.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo on Tuesday has announced to extend the emergency curbs of PPKM up until July 25 while mentioning the possibility for the curbs to be eased starting July 26 once the country sees a significant decrease of COVID-19 transmission.

The country also reported a record high 1,383 deaths on Wednesday, according to the COVID-19 national task force.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has recorded more than 3 million cases of COVID-19 diseases so far.

However, the country also sees a high recovery rates with 2,3 million people have been declared free of COVID-19 after intensive cares.