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KSP Initiates Door-To-Door Mandatory Mask Use

Jakarta - Chief of Staff Moeldoko visited a slum kampong in Kebon Kosong subdistrict, Central Jakarta on Thursday (22/7) as part of the Executive Office of the President’s (KSP) commitment in pushing for the mandatory mask policy in society by initiating the door-to-door efforts to drive up the health protocols implementation.

The initiative - which was part of a collaborative effort between the government and the private sectors - was commenced in one of the kampongs of Kebon Kosong subdistrict, Central Jakarta.

The door-to-door push will include 500,000 free medical masks to be disbursed to 220 subdistricts in 20 cities across Java and Bali.

“The door-to-door program marks a collaboration between the government and the private sectors on humanitarian issues,” Moeldoko said during the commencement event.

He added that collective actions against the COVID-19 fallout were the one factor that could help the country to rise up from the current public health conundrum. Moreover, society was the one who had the power to control this pandemic, he ensured.

During his visit, Moeldoko scolded some residents he found unmasked. But on the other side, he also praised some adult residents and kids who adhered to strict health protocols by wearing a mask, even during some indoor activities at home.

He wished for the door to door model to be an ideal example to be enforced nationwide.

“Free masks delivered directly to the people’s doors will provide another reason for staying at home. I truly appreciate the initiative,” he said.

The free medical masks were produced by Aice Group company intended as a humanitarian mission against the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This is also considered as part of Penta Helix's efforts which ideally involve the government, news media, communities, businesses, and academia to effectively inhibit the vast transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

"Stop wasting time by digging up other people's weaknesses, we should not only limit ourselves to mere discussions and endless debates, we must shift our focus to work," said Moeldoko.

He openly invited all parties to put aside their hesitancy and start to lend their hands for those in need by donating medical masks, staple foods and any other assistance.

One example of a mutual cooperation initiative from the local community is best exhibited through a public kitchen initiative that provides daily free food for COVID-19 patients quarantined at home or anyone impacted by the pandemic situation. Most public kitchens are independently established by residents in the name of solidarity in collectively sharing the burden of the pandemic.

Moeldoko also took the time to visit one of the public kitchens initiated by residents of RW 01, Rawasari subdistrict in Central Jakarta. “This kind of initiative is extraordinary. I encourage various parties to donate to self-help programs like this,” praised Moeldoko.