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Moeldoko 64th Birthday: KSP Staff Handover IDR 150 million Donation To Cemetery Staff

JAKARTA - Representatives of staff from the Executive Office of the President (KSP) on Friday (9/7) handed over a token of appreciation for funeral workers working at the Rorotan COVID-19 Cemetery (TPU Rorotan) in North Jakarta in the form of IDR 150 million donation.

The donation was made on Thursday (8/7) as KSP staff celebrated Moeldoko’s 64th birthday. The surprise birthday celebration which was held virtually by KSP staff ended with a donation initiative given to the families of funeral staff working relentlessly at the COVID-19 burial site.

The office managed to raise the fund in less than 30 minutes, to which the money came from all levels of KSP staff ranging from deputies, expert staff, security staff to technicians and cleaning staff.

"This is a form of appreciation from KSP staff as we celebrated the 64th birthday of the Chief of Staff Moeldoko. This is a form of love from us to thank the hard work of the cemetery staff who work day and night for the funerals of COVID-19 victims," said Luky Krismondo, a service staff of the KSP, handing over the donation to one of the cemetery staff.

The Rorotan public cemetery in North Jakarta had become a public spotlight because of a video circulating on social media showing a number of ambulances queuing up to deliver COVID-19 victims for the funeral process. The video also shows that a number of excavators were used to speed up the excavation of the tomb.

The burial place has been opened since March with a total capacity of 7,200 grave plots. As of July 7, Rorotan TPU has accommodated the funerals of 2,780 people. The cemetery area is planned to be expanded as the country struggles with the new deadly COVID-19 delta variants.

"I was sick too. I once tested positive and had to independently isolate myself at home, but I had to work again after 10 days of self-quarantine," said Sukino, the Head Unit of TPU Rorotan.

"It is heartbreaking to see my friends work hard and they haven't come home until late at night because of the endless work. They even work until midnight," he continued.

Data from the National COVID-19 Task Force on Thursday (8/7) showed an increase of COVID-19 deaths with 852 cases, bringing the total COVID-19 fatalities to 63,760 people nationwide.

Meanwhile, Indonesia on Wednesday saw the highest record of COVID-19 deaths in a day, with 1,040 cases.