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KSP Staff Make 150 Million Donation For Cemetery Staff To Mark Moeldoko’s 64th Birthday

JAKARTA - The staff working for the Executive Office of the President (KSP) found a special way to celebrate the 64th birthday of the Chief of Staff Moeldoko on Thursday (8/7) by giving back to the society in need.

The office managed to raise Rp 150 million (US$ 10,309) funds to be donated directly to the family of cemetery staff in Jakarta. The donation is especially intended for staff working at the burial places of COVID-19 victims.

The burial space in Jakarta is expected to accommodate ten of thousands funerals. However with the recent surge of COVID-19 deaths nationwide, the cemetery grounds in the city are planned to be expanded.

The cemetery staff has been working day and night to prepare the funerals for COVID-19 fallen victims, especially as the numbers of the bodies sent to the cemetery tragically keep increasing day by day.

Indonesia on Wednesday saw the highest record of COVID-19 deaths in a day, with 1,040 cases. It brought the total number of COVID-19 deaths nationwide to 62.908.

The KSP staff in celebrating Moeldoko’s birthday said that they were grateful for Moeldoko’s health and steady leadership. Instead of giving a surprise gift to the Chief of Staff, KSP decided to share the burden of the cemetery staff, the unsung heroes during this pandemic crisis.

Moeldoko also appreciated the good initiative, saying that he would take part in the donation program as an appreciation to the cemetery staff’s dedication and hard work.

“They’ve been working non stop, especially after the country sees the surge of COVID-19 deaths in recent weeks. Of course, I really applaud the initiative,” Moeldoko said. The surprise birthday event for the Chief of Staff was held virtually with all staff congratulating the 64-year-old former general with a little cake sent to his office.