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KSP to fully support human capital development in Tambrauw regency

JAKARTA - Executive Office of the President (KSP) has stated its commitment to support the human capital development in Tambrauw regency, West Papua, as one of its efforts to push for more sustainable regional developments in the country of more than 17,000 islands.

“KSP will as well encourage other ministerial offices regarding the matter,” Chief of Staff Moeldoko said during a virtual meeting with Tambrauw regent in Jakarta on Thursday (1/7).

He also underlined the need to improve the education sector that supports knowledge and skills enhancement for locals, in order for them to be more competitive with people from other regions.

Citing the low human capital index and high poverty rates in Tambrauw regency, West Papua, Moeldoko stated the importance of improving the human capital index in the region to help boost the economic development.

“If you want to boost the economic development without paying attention to its human capital development, the economic benefits would only be enjoyed by outsiders,” he said

The Deputy Chief of Staff for Economy Panutan Sulendrakusuma also stated the similar points during the meeting, adding the importance of having a vocational training center (BLK) in the region to meet the need of human capital development in the Tambrauw.

He also stressed the importance of achieving food independence, expecting the regency to grow its own food on its fertile soils.

Tambraw regency with its 29 districts was strategically located between mountainous regions and sea. Thus, the regency is knowingly rich with its fishery, agriculture and farming products.

Located in the northern part of the West Papua province, the Tambrauw regency was only established in 2009 and becomes one of the newest regencies in the province.

Regent Gabriel Asem of Tambrauw reported the biggest hurdle for development in the region was related to inaccessible roads, insufficient electricity and lack of public infrastructure.

Referring to the Presidential Regulation No. 63 / 2020, the regency is listed as one of underdeveloped regions in the country which is targeted for 2020-2024 national development program. According to an assessment conducted by the Coordinating Human Development and Culture Ministry together with the Rural Development and Transmigration Ministry, Tambrauw is still struggling with problems like stunting, lack of public health, low education, and poverty. “However, while it is important to build human capital and economy in the regency, I think the political infrastructure must also be put into consideration. Because regional development should be integral,” Deputy Chief of Staff for Law, Defense, Security and Human Rights Jaleswari Pramodhawardani added.