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KSP Moeldoko: Pandemic Unveils Opportunities For Public Community

Jakarta - Chief of Staff Moeldoko urges the public communities to start seeing the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity and a turning point toward a much more positive way.

“We have to start hijacking the crisis and turning it into an opportunity to further develop this country, an opportunity to humanize humans, running towards a better civilization,” said Moeldoko during a virtual webinar, Monday (30/8).

Moeldoko said the true COVID-19 crisis was beyond the capacity, resources and knowledge of human beings living on earth. “In such a situation, there is no definite answer and practical solution that is ready to be implemented. The only thing that we can do is to do our best,” continued Moeldoko.

According to him, the government has taken measures to handle the pandemic situation. Among many are incentives for healthcare workers, wage subsidies, and national economic recovery initiatives.

Based on June 2021 data, the budget ceiling for national economic recovery has been increased to Rp 699 trillion, which is primarily allocated to healthcare, social security, and stimulus for small-medium enterprises (UMKM).

During the pandemic, the four-months wage subsidy policy of Rp 600 thousand/month has been expanded to 15.7 million people including teachers, nurses, and other temporary workers registered in the BPJS Employment scheme.

Moreover, the government also rolled out cash incentives to healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers up to 15 million per month. The Health Ministry also reported that as of August 2021, a total of Rp 4.7 trillion of incentives had been disbursed to 679 thousand health workers.

“The situation has limited the government's capacity to produce effective measures and policies. But, If we work together, we shall pass these hard times successfully,” said Moeldoko.