Privacy Policy and Data Collection Beranda Layanan (BELA)

Privacy Policy
Bela is a closed group application for KSP employees. Only employees that have been registered in KSP’s HR system that can use this app. Employees use their existing username and password to log in to this app. Employees are responsible to keep their username dan password.

Data Collection
We collect user’s location and IP address solely for the purpose of app functionality, so the system can record employee’s position while work from home. We do not share any information to any 3rd party partners.

3rd Party
What 3rd Party is used in the application ?

Google Maps SDK for iOS
Service : Location
Company : Google Inc.
Purpose of use : to find out the user’s location when making attendance
Provision to third parties : No

Firebase SDK for iOS
Service : Notification
Company: Google Inc.
Purpose of use: to send notifications to users regarding internal services
Provision to third parties : No